Social Value Statement

At Marvell Consulting we are committed to taking action so that our work has a positive impact on society and the planet.

Caring for our planet

We are always considering new ways to reduce energy consumption and minimise our impact on the environment. We are:

  • Working with sustainable and ethical suppliers
  • Favouring environmentally responsible goods and services
  • Encouraging remote meetings wherever possible to cut down on travelling
  • Encouraging the use of public transport wherever face-to-face meetings are required
  • Reusing or recycling everything we’re able to and disposing any remaining waste responsibly
  • Choosing premises that have policies for recycling and sustainability
  • Using energy responsibly at our office and when working from home
  • Creating digital services for our clients that minimise the need to use printed materials
  • Encouraging our clients and partners to run their digital services with renewable energy
  • Ensuring this website runs on green energy
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Working towards a fair and inclusive society

We aim to create new jobs and skills as well as increasing supply chain resilience and capacity by:

  • Regularly expanding our workforce to help support the high growth digital sector
  • Advertising new roles broadly and anonymising applications to create a level playing field, avoiding any bias towards education or background
  • Upskilling and training client teams to create new jobs and skills
  • Monitoring new innovative technologies that we can utilise to provide higher quality outcomes, ensuring our services are future proofed and sustainable
  • Co-designing services with public sector organisations and their users
  • Sharing feedback provided by service users to service owners to support the improvement of inclusive services and relationships
  • Partnering with a number of like-minded suppliers of various sizes to support growth across the industry
  • Regularly reviewing contracts with our suppliers to ensure both parties are satisfied with the agreements in place
  • Having a fair and transparent pricing model

Providing equal opportunities

We are committed to creating an inclusive and diverse workforce. We promote a supportive culture by:

  • Maintaining a flat hierarchy - everyone’s perspective is equally valued
  • Adopting fair recruitment practices: writing inclusive job adverts, advertising in forums to reach people from diverse ethnic backgrounds, anonymising job applications and having diverse recruitment panels
  • Inviting open and honest feedback in team meetings
  • Adapting our ways of working following staff feedback
  • Offering flexible working hours and locations to everyone
  • Supporting the use of different tools that meet staff preferences including accessibility needs
  • Employing staff that operate across multiple locations which creates opportunities to get involved in our local communities
  • Being members of the Tech Talent Charter and Disability Confident scheme
Tech Talent Charter Disability Confident

Caring for our people

Wellbeing is essential for both our people and our organisation as a whole – we create a positive working environment by:

  • Having a trained mental health first aider on the team
  • Adopting the Thriving at Work standards and committing to Mental Health at Work
  • Encouraging people to take regular breaks to improve their physical and mental health
  • Allowing flexible working in regards to location and time to allow staff to manage their work/life balance more easily
  • Hold regular check-ins with teams and individuals to ensure any mental health issues can be identified and supported as soon as possible
  • Conducting workplace assessments to ensure everyone’s needs are met by their workstation
  • Holding social events to enable staff to engage in a non-work related environment